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happy sweet 16!

on this day.

16 years ago.

this amazing, creative and talented girl came into our lives.

happy sweet 16!

we are so blessed!

we love you randi lea!


happy #earthday ~ april 22, 2012

happy earth day! — sunday, april 22, 2012

today i had a blackberry-coconut smoothie for breakfast ~ yUm!

i wore one of teenager’s cool graphic { hug a tree } t’s

we ate fresh strawberries with a sprinkle of raw sugar

went grocery shopping today and used my own bags

spotted the *first* peony bud

planted some { cilantro } seeds in our little veggie patch

weeded the blackberry and raspberry patches

daddy took our little one for a bike ride

went to the recycling center and listened to Jack Johnson’s Reduce. Reuse. Recycle 🙂

david and our little one took out the veggie scraps to the compost pile

and she checked out the worms …

ended the day with a glass of choco vine ~ sooo good

43 things i’ve learned ~ guest post from @DavidWLitwin

In honor of my husband’s birthday, here are 43 things he’s learned:

1.    Love and Joy are contagious, bitterness and envy are infectious.

2.    God hates sarcasm.

3.    Wisdom is a promise of reading the book of Proverbs.

4.    Women are stronger than most men ( especially my wife ).

5.    Political, religious and sexual preferences doesn’t define someone’s identity – it influences their actions.

6.    My wife is a Jewel in the eyes of God.

7.    A good breadth and depth of reading is better than a college degree.

8.    God is bigger than my failures.

9.    Debt enslaves.

10.  Everyday science is proving God, it just doesn’t know it.

11.  Praise of children shapes their personality … and their creativity.

12.  Leaders are readers, but writers are revolutionaries.

13.  We all need to “live inspired” ( Spirit led ).

14.  God is the ultimate story writer.

15.  When you leave a room, the people gathered should be more encouraged, educated and motivated than they were when you walked in.

16.  Eye contact in conversation heals and binds.

17.  The church is truly herself AFTER a disaster occurs … it needs to treat each moment that way, because everyone is suffering from something.

18.  You don’t really know who your friends are … until you move.

19.  Singer, songwriter Jack Johnson is one of the most powerful and profound believers on the planet  … just don’t tell anyone ( it’s a secret ).

20.  We should never attack peoples actions, but we should lovingly address the painful outcomes.

21.  God isn’t a Republican … or a Democrat.

22.  Darwin’s dead … Jesus Lives! ( do you really want to put your faith in the dead guy? )

23.  Polarization is one of the enemy’s greatest tools.

24.  My wife’s green cooking has kept me healthy.

25.  Listening ( especially spiritual listening ) is a lost art … but an incredible tool.

26.  I wish I hadn’t watched so much MTV… or drank so many Big Gulps and eaten so much fast food … as a kid.

27.  The gospel of the “Kingdom” has yet to be preached in all corners of the earth ( especially in the U.S. )

28.  Fear is a physical reality based on events that have yet to occur … for some those events can be weeks, years or circumstances away, for others just seconds.

29.  Happiness is based on Happenings, Joy is based in Christ ( Scott from my Bible Study taught me that one ).

30.  Save, save, save. don’t spend, spend, spend. ( learned that one the hard way )

31.  I like mushrooms, sour cream and avocados. ( hated them as a kid )

32.  Everyone has a story.

33.  Empathy is a key to changing this world.

34.  I love Big Bang Theory.

35.  I have been blessed with a lot of cool talents … and I need to use them more.

36.  I need to live close to a beach ( 30 miles or closer would be perfect ).

37.  It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor be hasty and miss the way ( Proverbs )

38.  People need to cultivate relationships.

39.  We should be able to walk arm in arm without seeing eye to eye ( Rick Warren )

40.  God isn’t as religious as people make him out to be.

41.  I would much rather read than watch television.

42.  Botox has nothing on Pure Joy when it comes to beauty.

43.  I have a lot of living left to do!

happy 15.and.a.half!


happy birthday rachel {! }

My Rachel.
My Punkin.

Has the sweetest little feet.
Loves { my } sharpies!
Her hair is always in her face, does NOT like pony tails.
Loves mommy’s high-heels!
Says, “ I love you, mama” all the time!
Makes messes all over the house.
Loves school!
Loves to ride bikes with her Dad.
Has probably 10+ chapsticks.
Feisty, rambunctious, and LOUD!
Loves sunflower seeds { she calls them “baby nuts” }
Feeds on laughter and attention.
Plays with mommy’s iphone all the time!
Still *LOVES* her puppy & taggie!
Adores baths { except the washing hair part }
LOVES princess costumes.
Loves here big sister { D-D } more than anything.
Only likes Princess Band-Aids.
Out–doorsy ~
Loves story-time with her Dad.
Spends lots of time in our library { loves books }.
Drives her big sister crazy { sometimes }.
Helps me garden, cook, & do laundry … she is my little sidekick.
Loves waffles  { but will settle for pancakes }.
Reads to us like a teacher.
Loves to put things in patterns.
Has a great fashion sense.
Loves to sing!
Loves making and eating guacamole { and pizza too! }
When she gets a new movie, she watches it over and over and over.
Is such a flirt.
Writes me love notes all the time.
Despises teeth brushing time.
Loves to snuggle.

I love this sweet little girl.  She is my world.  She is my buddy.  She is hilarious.  She is sweet.  She is loud.  I love her.

My Punkin.
My Rachel.

Happy {6th} birthday sweet baby girl!


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