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happy sweet 16!

on this day.

16 years ago.

this amazing, creative and talented girl came into our lives.

happy sweet 16!

we are so blessed!

we love you randi lea!


wordless wednesday

{{ because i miss them … soul sisters ~ photo taken last summer in Destin, Florida }}

#365grateful project

david { my husband } and i wanted to know if you would like to join us on our journey in a year-long gratitude project …

365 days of gratitude

it’s a very simple idea.
a photo a day,
or quick tweet,
or journal entry
for a year,
of things you are grateful for.

hashtag #365grateful

inspired by:

we hope you can join us!
live inspired,

cindy { and david }

hello, December

hello … spending time with family
hello … happy anniversary to *us*
hello … snow  {{ hopefully … }}
hello … reading all our Christmas books
hello … singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ at the top of our lungs in the car
hello … luminaries
hello ~ decorating the house for Christmas
hello … nativity scene
hello … traditions
hello … baking cookies
hello … mistletoe
hello … Christmas music
hello … giving gifts
hello … Christmas movies, especially, “it’s a wonderful life”
hello … egg nog & hot cococa
hello … to finishing up the Christmas shopping & hiding them in my closet
hello … receiving Christmas card greetings
hello … to reading “Unafraid” by Francine Rivers & “The Christmas Box” by Richard Paul Evans
hello … cozy nights at home
hello … candy cane joe joe’s – yay!
hello … that I get to listen to my Nat King Cole Christmas CD
hello … having Daddy read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke
hello … opening one present on Christmas Eve
hello … Candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve
hello … celebrating Jesus’ birthday
hello … teaching our girls how important it is to give just as Christ gave to us.
hello, December

happy 15.and.a.half!


happy birthday rachel {! }

My Rachel.
My Punkin.

Has the sweetest little feet.
Loves { my } sharpies!
Her hair is always in her face, does NOT like pony tails.
Loves mommy’s high-heels!
Says, “ I love you, mama” all the time!
Makes messes all over the house.
Loves school!
Loves to ride bikes with her Dad.
Has probably 10+ chapsticks.
Feisty, rambunctious, and LOUD!
Loves sunflower seeds { she calls them “baby nuts” }
Feeds on laughter and attention.
Plays with mommy’s iphone all the time!
Still *LOVES* her puppy & taggie!
Adores baths { except the washing hair part }
LOVES princess costumes.
Loves here big sister { D-D } more than anything.
Only likes Princess Band-Aids.
Out–doorsy ~
Loves story-time with her Dad.
Spends lots of time in our library { loves books }.
Drives her big sister crazy { sometimes }.
Helps me garden, cook, & do laundry … she is my little sidekick.
Loves waffles  { but will settle for pancakes }.
Reads to us like a teacher.
Loves to put things in patterns.
Has a great fashion sense.
Loves to sing!
Loves making and eating guacamole { and pizza too! }
When she gets a new movie, she watches it over and over and over.
Is such a flirt.
Writes me love notes all the time.
Despises teeth brushing time.
Loves to snuggle.

I love this sweet little girl.  She is my world.  She is my buddy.  She is hilarious.  She is sweet.  She is loud.  I love her.

My Punkin.
My Rachel.

Happy {6th} birthday sweet baby girl!


october is …

pumpkin smoothies.
pumpkin pancakes.
pumpkin spice latte { just like starbucks ~ but homemade! }
pumpkin waffles.
pumpkin chili.
pumpkin coconut milk ice cream.
pumpkin mmmmuffins!
pumpkin everything …
carving pumpkins.
pumpkin ale.
october is …
crunchy leaves under your shoes.
fun socks.
rachel’s { 6th } birthday.
fall festivals.
raking leaves.
veggie patch clean up.
light jackets & cardigans.
putting leaves under paper ~ and using crayons on them.
mugs of hot {chai } tea.
bonfires & marshmallows.
nice breezes.
new uggs. { i hope }
white pumpkins.
golden colors of red, yellow, and orange.

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