A Whole New Mind



I just finished reading a phenomenal book entitled “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. In the book, Pink discusses how, over the last 20 – 40 years or so, we have been slowly moving from a left brained society, into a right brain society, and how those with “right brain” thinking will be the powerful thought leaders of the next 100 years. I will be writing more on this subject, because I think that the church in America is far more “left brain” than it may understand, and certainly more than it ought to be. But for now, here is the letter I sent back to the author. I think it will unveil a little more about me as well. To preface this, Pink talks about the six attributes of a right brain thinker: Design, Story, Symphony (the ability to see the big picture across many domains), Empathy, Play and Meaning. Hopefully many of you possess similar qualities. I highly recommend this book, and would love to dialog with you if you choose to read it. Here’s the Letter:

” I just finished reading A Whole New Mind, and like Godin’s Tribes or Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week, I began recommending this book to others long before I finished it. I found it fascinating on many levels, specifically because I find myself so in tune to the these six areas, and for the first time, this book was more affirmation than inspiration (although I was highly inspired by book!). Here’s a synthesized version of my story.

– I am a graphic designer and have run design agencies for the past 25 years. (current agency is http://www.purefusionmedia.com) – DESIGN, PLAY

– I spent a year on hiatus and wrote screenplays during that year (Story by McKee was my biggest influence). – STORY

– I am known in various circles as the “Word Picture” guy, able to take complex ideas and situations and synthesize them into easy to understand pictures or stories. – SYMPHONY and MEANING

– I created an online organization/tshirt line called “Live Intentionally” strictly for the purpose of helping people understand each other stories, empathize with each other, and inspire one another. I’ve included a shirt design here (don’t worry, I folded the company so I’m not looking for endorsements or sales). – DESIGN, EMPATHY and MEANING

– I have been told I can see the “big picture” in a variety of arenas including culture, technology, faith and neuroscience, and have spoken at conferences, churches and schools to that end. – SYMPHONY and MEANING

– I am in the process of building an online community that, using a myriad of assessment tools, helps individuals (especially the unemployed) uncover their (sometimes latent) talents, leadership skills, personality traits and spiritual giftings, turning them into one collective two page narrative used to determine future employment and life visions and present a potential employer with a crystal clear picture of the possible candidate before even the first interview. – SYMPHONY, MEANING, STORY

– I just finished a book unveiling how, through the power of modern day parables (such as the phenomenon of the DVD director’s commentary or the plot line of Invasion of the Body Snatcher type films), the Christian faith not only resonates with all areas of reality (especially neuroscience and law), but also unveils the holistic intent and resistance for and against humanity. My goal for the book is to help this very L-Directed Christian body to stop thinking religiously (and predominantly morally) and start thinking empathetically, holistically and (most importantly) strategically. – SYMPHONY, STORY, DESIGN, MEANING and EMPATHY

None of this is to brag, but hopefully to encourage that books like this will inspire those like me, providing us a hook on which to hang our R-directed motivations and passions. With every page I turned, I found myself saying “yes! yes!” excited that you had put into words (words both well written and well researched) these many R-Directed visions I’ve carried for years.

Hopefully you will be receiving similar email responses from those to whom I have recommend this book. I strive to surround myself with and to search out what I call “Men and Women of Understanding;” those that are R-Directed, spiritually rich and strategically minded. I believe that, like me, they will burn through many a highlighter as they read and notate in your book.

I wish you nothing but the best, and would love to continue further dialog as your time permits.

Live inspired,

David Litwin “

(You can also visit his site at www.danpink.com)


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