hello monday,  january 14, 2013


hello coffee in my new mug from my dear friend, Val.


hello grey days.  i just don’t love winter.  { #imjustasummerkindagirl }

hello green smoothies.  sooo good.

hello goodwill donation center ~ i have a truck load for you.  { less is more in 2013 }

hello “walk&talk” with my friend Cyndi.  great way to exercise and connect … together! { she’s in Naples, FL and im in Franklin, TN }

hello sinus pressure.  i’m really over you.  please go away!


hello #projectlife.  hello week 3.  loving this project.

hello to do list ~ never feel like i get enough done!

hello monday.  hello happy day.  hello new week.  hello fresh start. hello daily grace.

{{ linking up with the lovely lisa leonard for hello, Monday!  So fUn! }}

what are you saying hello to?


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One thought on “hello

  1. hello ~ to my sweet friend 🙂 so glad you like the coffee mug! hello to getting over the flu bug — stay away germs! hello to another birthday ;-/ :-)! hello to my wonderful students ~ hello to 65 degrees in Jan! just a tiny snow… please? hello to creativity –working on new projects in art this week! hello to another day/another chance to grow and be better…hello to precious friends~ happy Tuesday!

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