hello monday ~ week 20

hello monday ~ may 21, 2012

hello {{ rainy }} monday ~ and hello second cup of coffee.

hello rain ~ goodbye sunshine … until saturday.

hello 16!  goodbye to celebrating my daughter’s sweet 16!  what a fUn weekend!

hello packing for my trip to nashville

hello grocery getting ~ so my sweet family has plenty to eat while i’m gone

{{ source:  pinterest }}

hello roadtrip with girlfriends {{ makes me sooo happy }}

hello lots and lots to do ~ before we move in *just* four weeks.

hello #365grateful project ~ and to being thankful for so much.  {{ follow along on insta.gram or on twitter }}

>>> goodbye to david’s dad ~ he met Jesus last wednesday.   cancer sucks.   >>> please pray for david’s family.

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

{{ linking up with the lovely lisa leonard for hello, monday! }}

what are you saying hello to?

p.s. ~ the photos are from my insta.gram feed


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One thought on “hello monday ~ week 20

  1. ~hello~ my dear sweet friend! I’m saying *hello* to ~ road trip ~ Polar Seltzer ~ coffee ~ smoothies ~ last day I teach my daughter and her 8th grade class art ~ winding down the school year ~ packing of my own {thanks to helpers in my life!} ~ and new beginnings ~ B&B: here we come! ~

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