hello monday ~ week 19

hello monday ~ may 7, 2012

hello tuesday ~ forgot to post

hello longing for summer ~ only 4 more weeks of school!

hello coffee ~ and my morning routine.

hello to do list ~ so much to get done this week.

hello celebrating my forty9th birthday on wednesday, may 9th

hello mother’s day ~ this sunday.

hello birthday dinner with friends this weekend ~ so excited!

hello making plans with girlfriends ~ roadrip!

hello to playing board games with rachel ~ she’s still obsessed with monopoly.

hello #365grateful project ~ and to being thankful for so much {{ follow along on insta.gram or on twitter }}

hello to david’s dad ~ having a tough week.  cancer sucks.

hello words of wisdom ~ “choose faith over worry.” {{ source:  pinterest }}

hello monday ~ it’s going to be another crazy, busy { awesome } week

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

{{ linking up with the lovely lisa leonard for hello, monday! }}

what are you saying hello to?

p.s. ~ the photos are from my insta.gram feed


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One thought on “hello monday ~ week 19

  1. Hello to you!! Happy Birthday! May you know you are wonderfully made and feel as blessed as you truly are!

    Prayers for your David’s dad – yes cancer does suck!

    Have a great day!

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