hello, monday. week 10

hello monday ~ march 5, 2012

hello coffee ~ coffee is *always* a good idea … especially on monday mornings.

hello chilly monday morning ~ hello snowflakes … i’m ready for spring!

hello getting things done ~ goodbye procrastination

hello big decisions to make ~ *still* praying for guidance

hello to seeking God { more } and His plans for our life ~  let the adventure continue

hello exciting plans ~ there may have been tears & I may have jumped around a lot

hello to blogging and twittering ~ always.always.always trying to keep up

hello #365grateful project ~ follow along on instagram or on Twitter

hello leftovers from our #SundaySupper { here’s the link:  teriyaki lo mein stir-fry }

hello sunday supper ~  husband is cooking … woo hoo!

hello great quote ~ “hope anchors the soul.”  {{ Hebrews 6:19 }}

hello monday ~ i’m sure it’s going to be a very busy week

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

i’m linking up with Lisa Leonard in the comment(s).  sooo fUn.

what are you saying hello to?

p.s. ~ the photo is from my instagram feed … pic taken by my 6-year old daughter


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3 thoughts on “hello, monday. week 10

  1. Good stuff! Happy Monday to you 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great week ahead! Love that #SundaySupper is part of your week!

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