#365grateful project ~ week 9

57/365+1 ~ grateful.

58/365+1 ~ grateful for cool apps like twitter. i love that i can tweet what’s going on in my day, a snippet i want to remember, or a great quote … it really helps me document / scrapbook our life.  i think it’s pretty cool.

59/365+1 ~ snuggling with my sweet girl.  grateful.

60/365+1 ~ memories.  grateful.

61/365+1 ~ bring on the vitamin D.  {{ 72.gorgeous.degrees }}  grateful.

62/365+1 ~ a very special friend made us dinner.  so kind. so delicious. so grateful

{{ check out her blog http://artc1heartnsoul.blogspot.com/ for her delicious recipes }}

63/365+1 part 1 ~ what a fUn day. what a fUn night.

63/365+1 part 2 ~ shared a frappuccino & worked on our #lovelist { a.k.a. #bucketlist }

{{ p.s. ~ the photos are from my instagram feed }}


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