hello, monday. week 9

hello monday ~ february 27, 2012

hello sipping coffee out of my favorite mug

hello waking up early ~ to do some blogging

hello spring like days ~ upper 60’s again this week

hello daffodils, hyacinth and crocuses

hello carrot juice ~ my daily energizer

hello sniffly nose ~ please get better soon

hello big decisions to make ~ praying for guidance

hello being comforted by my girlfriends

hello to blogging and twittering ~ always trying to keep up

hello #365grateful project { pics via instagram } ~ still going strong

hello friday night sleep-over with my girlfriend ~ lots to catch up on

hello saturday evening ~ and spending time with good friends ~ Woo Hoo!

hello sunday supper ~ what should I make?

hello great quote ~ “if you want to be happy, be.”

hello sunshine ~ you make me happy!

hello monday.  hello happy day.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

what are you saying hello to?

i’m linking up with Lisa Leonard in the comment(s).  sooo fUn.

btw ~ the photos are from my instagram feed.


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