hello, monday. week 8

hello monday ~ february 20, 2012

hello { another } LONG weekend ~ woo hoo!

hello no school today ~ president’s day

hello Mount Vernon today ~ Rachel is sooo excited!

hello blue skies.  sunshine.  fresh air.   just beautiful today.

hello warm winter days ~ upper 50’s today

hello daffodils

hello second cup of coffee

hello Randi ~ back today from her LONG weekend get-away to the beach with girlfriends

hello laundry ~ i love the smell.  i love folding it.  i just HATE putting it away.

hello twittering ~ i love that anytime i can tweet what’s on my mind, what’s going on in my day, a snippet i want to remember,  or a great quote …  it really helps me to document our life.   i think it’s pretty cool.

hello #365grateful project ~ still going strong

hello girlfriend time later this week ~ Yay!

hello monday.  hello happy day.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace

what are you saying hello to?

i’m linking up with Lisa Leonard in the comment(s).  sooo fUn.


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