hello, monday. week 7

heLLo monday ~ february 13, 2012

hello valentine’s day ~ happy heart day!

hello to celebrating the greatest gift of all ~ LOVE!

hello valentine?  will you be mine?!  Xo

hello I love yous!

hello *new* love notes in our “I Love You” heart boxes

hello yUmmy heart shaped cookies

hello LONG weekend ~ woo hoo!

hello to counting down to soul sisters beach get-away for the soul trip

hello #365grateful project ~ still going strong

hello to unexpected news…David’s dad home from the hospital.  prayer welcome.  cancer sucks.

hello monday.  hello happy day.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.


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One thought on “hello, monday. week 7

  1. Hello to spending time with my dear friend and sharing the joys of baking ❤ cookies with our girls!
    Hello to love ~ it really is all that matters!
    Hello to sweet memories — reflections, scrap books, photos, and treasures worth more than any money~
    Hello to my friend, David — who gives me the greatest gift of sharing his wife for sleepovers sometimes when I need a girl evening…thank you for the support!
    Hello to making Valentines cards with every grade I teach – K thru 8. The cards are incredible! The parents are {blessed!}

    I love your {Cindy} "hellos" and I had to share with you how much you mean to me~

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