hello monday. week 4

hello monday, january 23, 2012

hello coffee ~ nothing beats that first sip

hello carrot juice ~ my daily energizer

hello steel cut oats ~ sooo good on these cold January mornings

hello busy week ~ good-bye relaxing weekend

hello carpool line ~ where I think I spend about 90% of my time

hello rainy Monday + errands = no fUn

hello photos from Postal Pix ~ can’t wait to scrapbook you

hello clean laundry ~ waiting to be folded and put away

hello chai tea ~ my favorite mid-afternoon treat in the winter

hello #365grateful project ~ still going strong

hello to blogging and twittering ~ always trying to keep up

hello valentine decorations ~ you make me happy

hello yUmmy salad and roasted red potatoes for dinner tonight

hello date night ~ it’s been a while. Yay!

hello soul sisters beach get-away for the soul trip ~ counting the days!

hello to unexpected news … David’s dad needs prayer.  cancer sucks.

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace

what are you saying hello to?

i’m linking up with Lisa Leonard in the comment(s).  sooo fUn.


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One thought on “hello monday. week 4

  1. Hello ~ to my friend for whom I am so grateful #365grateful!

    hello ~ to a new week in art with my students

    hello ~ to my daughter marching downtown for ~LIFE~ today

    hello ~ to my chores that were neglected over the FUN weekend!

    hello ~ to beginning our school auction quilts

    hello ~ to Catholic schools week ~ wrapping up art for displays

    hello ~ BUSY time…

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