hello monday. week 3

hello monday ~ january 16, 2012

hello coffee and carrot juice.

hello long weekend.  hello no school today.  hello lazy morning.

hello grocery getting.  Blah.

hello potato soup ~ ahhh, comfort food.

hello 2012 calendar ~ can’t leave home without you.

hello #365grateful project ~ another great week.

hello to blogging and twittering ~ trying to keep up.

hello treasure hunting.

hello girlfriends ~ finalizing our plans for our annual soul sisters beach get-away for the soul trip.   can’t wait.

hello baking ~ making my husband’s favorite lemon loaf bread … yUm!

hello to unexpected news ~ David’s dad is more communicative, but it’s still rough.  cancer sucks.

hello to catching up with old friends ~ lots of phone calls to make this week.

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

 thanks @purefusionmedia for my “hello” graphic.


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One thought on “hello monday. week 3

  1. Hello to one of the most beautiful women whom i most admire! #character #grace #poise #imtelligence #charm #gorgeous #sweet #thoughtful #loving ~motherwifesisterdaughterFRIEND~}

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