hello, monday. week 2

hello coffee and carrot juice.

hello Christmas decorations that I hope to have put away this week.

hello making plans for our annual soul sisters beach get-away for the soul trip.

hello #365grateful project ~ we’re off to a great start.

hello unseasonably gorgeous weather for January ~ love it.

hello 2012 calendar ~ and making plans for new adventures.

hello to blogging and twittering ~ i think i’m starting to understand and have fun with it.

hello to unexpected news … David’s dad was just diagnosed with a brain tumor & last week went through surgery.  The surgery was successful, but looks like a long road ahead.  Cancer sucks.

hello monday.  hello new week.  hello fresh start.  hello daily grace.

what are you saying hello to?

i’m linking up with Lisa Leonard  in the comment(s).  sooo fun.

>>> thanks @purefusionmedia for my “hello” graphic.


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2 thoughts on “hello, monday. week 2

  1. Hello to new beginnings, new adventures, new joys, new challenges, and old and new friends to share these experiences with…Hello! ❤

  2. Hello to hot soup and cozy sweaters and sweet boys doing their schooling without much fussing.
    It’s rainy and cold here so I posted sunny pictures on my blog today.

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