happy birthday rachel { six.today! }

My Rachel.
My Punkin.

Has the sweetest little feet.
Loves { my } sharpies!
Her hair is always in her face, does NOT like pony tails.
Loves mommy’s high-heels!
Says, “ I love you, mama” all the time!
Makes messes all over the house.
Loves school!
Loves to ride bikes with her Dad.
Has probably 10+ chapsticks.
Feisty, rambunctious, and LOUD!
Loves sunflower seeds { she calls them “baby nuts” }
Feeds on laughter and attention.
Plays with mommy’s iphone all the time!
Still *LOVES* her puppy & taggie!
Adores baths { except the washing hair part }
LOVES princess costumes.
Loves here big sister { D-D } more than anything.
Only likes Princess Band-Aids.
Out–doorsy ~
Loves story-time with her Dad.
Spends lots of time in our library { loves books }.
Drives her big sister crazy { sometimes }.
Helps me garden, cook, & do laundry … she is my little sidekick.
Loves waffles  { but will settle for pancakes }.
Reads to us like a teacher.
Loves to put things in patterns.
Has a great fashion sense.
Loves to sing!
Loves making and eating guacamole { and pizza too! }
When she gets a new movie, she watches it over and over and over.
Is such a flirt.
Writes me love notes all the time.
Despises teeth brushing time.
Loves to snuggle.

I love this sweet little girl.  She is my world.  She is my buddy.  She is hilarious.  She is sweet.  She is loud.  I love her.

My Punkin.
My Rachel.

Happy {6th} birthday sweet baby girl!



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2 thoughts on “happy birthday rachel { six.today! }

  1. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to Rachel.

  2. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl!

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